The Troll Files 12#

Hello people, Flamethrowerman here.

From CNN. This thing is doomed to fail. Two reasons:

He’s baiting the trolls. It might not be intentional, but it’s still baiting. I pity the troops left in the Middle East because Osama bin Longdick just got more fuel to feed his recruitment drives.

It’s been publicised. When has something like that ever worked?

If you’re still alive by 2020 and the Muslims have forgiven you, then maybe I’ll take this post down.

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Pimp mah’ DarkTerror!

Ah yes, Jim Hairy sticks back again with a double update!

Of course we know its been awhile since PhailPatrol posted another one of his political art. Well good tidings for all because he just did it again!

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that this is the RX 78-2 Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam series. But unfortunately many Dota-ers never bother getting off their computers to even look it up, let alone torrent/stream  it.

Before we go on to the next one, let us look at the riducule of the PlayDota art section.

Clearly infidels should stay off the forums. But thankfully thats where PhailPatrol kicks in with instinct.

Of course he didnt mean. Now did he? Going to show that he certainly has not lost his flair after all this time. While this certainly falls into the (obvious) category of Failwin, DarknessClown once again thinks otherwise.

Lets see how he tries to get off the hook …this time round.


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The Troll Files 11#

Flamethrowerman here.

From CNN. Only two people in this are witless faggots, can you spot them?

Don’t you just love those ignorant fags who don’t even step out of their house? Because they trawl the Internets for a longer time than they spend sleeping, they know more about the Middle East than Gen. Petraeus! Why, they should all become advisors for Obama on how to best nuke the Mid-East into a gigantic sterile sand-ocean! Oh, and when you guys are done, you might want to take your conspiracy theories and arrogant judgement to Russia and repay them for 20 years of nonexistent war! As well, China did 9/11 and India financed the Taliban, you guys might want to invade the Far East and set things straight with your godly capitalism and freedom of speech for everyone, from those who genuinely deserve the right to the bottom feeders who talk trash! LIKE YOU!

Go eat a Big Mac and stow it, you flapjacks.

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The Troll Files 10#

Flamethrowerman here. And boy, am I PISSED.

From CNN. Despite what people might say about barrel bottom-scraping, CNN is rife with trolls, ogres, basement fags, nuclear hippies, and the occasional Slanneshi. All of whom deserve a 1-week stay in some remote, volatile Afghan village with slabs of pork wrung about their necks and a large barrel to cover their naked, unnaturally white bodies, with the words “I COME FROM AMERIKA” painted on it in bright red.

But seriously, this is just bullshit. I won’t talk about how Hairysticks will tear these faggots a new ass twice over, but don’t the dead get some respite? Besides, the dead are the same people who fought in Afghanistan, and these are the children of your nation, the brothers of your people.

Don’t you have any shame, the United States of America? Is this the best you could come up with with your “Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Body” for everyone?

Are these drug-huffing, turtle-fucking, always-high medical taxwasters the best your society of free will and free beliefs could come up with? People who perverse the name of a higher being to justify their illegal orgies in broad daylight, like the rock-humping motherfuckers who make up the leadership of the Taliban?

I dare you to try this in Singapore, or just about anywhere else, you stupid little dickwads.  The outside world isn’t that hung up on guiding you back behind the line than it is willing to make an example out of you. When we’re done with you, being struck by lightning would be like a gentle caress. That is, if you AIDS-infected, morphine-sucking, needle-humping virgins even know what a caress is supposed to feel like.

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The Troll Files 9#

Today, Flamethrowerman is on a double-roll. 🙂

From CNN. Numbers 7 and 8 are skipped because frankly, no troll deserves to be associated with the numbers 7 OR 8.

“Merciless Counterblow”… haha, good one, North Korea! InB4 that, we could just hit you directly. Your air defense network is laughable.

‘Tis a fucking shame that two people of like origins would end up like this today. Thanks a fucking million, Kim Jong, King of Trolls and Greatest Motherfucker alive.

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The Troll Files 6#

Flamethrowerman here.

From CNN.

Remember now, it’s Kladu, Varda, Nikto. Or whatever the hell you’d like to spell it. Just don’t sneeze.

Because, frankly, “Pamela Geller” (I care not your name or what it means), that was the greatest way to throw in support for Obama. I mean, what better way to make him look GOOD by making yourself look like one of the dickless, ballsucking terrorists with your single-track speech thought up of with your single-neuron brain?

If you want to be part of the Crusades, go back in time with your shotgun, chainsaw, and two boxes of ammo and fuel. Until then, you would do well to remind yourself that radical bloggers like you are forcing people like me to point out your inability to even disguise your xenophobia.

Also, this is Troll File number 6.

Which goes to show the REAL identity of the featured troll in this post. 😉

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The Troll Files #5

Yo, Flamethrowerman here, back with more politicians to snicker about.

From CNN.

Not actually real trolling per se, but close enough. My English isn’t exactly any bettter than your average officer worker’s command of that particular language. But when Palin can type properly, then I’ll think about her proposal seriously. Otherwise, even the street hobo’s ignorant opinions on “Islam is a religion of the devil” are more credible in my mental hierarchy.

And “…Islamic facility…”? If I were an ignorant faggot I’d say “we just caught you with your pants down and your dick halfway through a hole in the fence, you thieving, bomb-crazy ditch-digger”.

… …

But I’m not, so I’ll just advise you to fire whomever wrote you your speech.

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